Xiachong Feng (冯夏冲)

Text Generation Group
Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval (SCIR)
Harbin Institute of Technology

Contact: xiachongfeng1996 [at] gmail.com
More about me: Google Scholar / Github / [Get CV in PDF]



  • [New] Recent Advances in Large Languag Models [PDF]
  • [New] ChatGPT Evaluation for NLP: A Meta Survey [PDF] [Google Doc]
  • [New] Federated Learning Meets Knowledge Distillation [PDF]
  • Dialogue Summarization(2022.1) [PDF]
  • Prompt Survey: [PDF] [PPTX]
  • Dialogue Summarization(2021.5) [PDF]
  • 对话摘要最新进展简述 [PDF] [Blog]
  • Cross-lingual Summarization [PDF]
  • Efficient Transformers [PDF]
  • Multi-modal Summarization [PDF]
  • ACL20 Summarization [PDF]
  • Data Augmentation [PDF]
  • 文本摘要简述 [PDF]
  • ACL19 Summarization [PDF]
  • Graph Neural Networks [PDF]
  • Knowledge Distillation [PDF]
  • Meta Learning [PDF]
  • Non-Autoregressive Decoding [PDF]
  • Event Extraction [PDF]
  • Advanced Pre-training Language Models: a Brief Introduction [PDF]

Paper Slides

  • Language Models Don’t Always Say What They Think Unfaithful Explanations in Chain-of-Thought Prompting [PDF]
  • Cognitive Architectures for Language Agents [PDF]
  • Do Androids Laugh at Electric Sheep? Humor “Understanding” Benchmarks from The New Yorker Caption Contest [PDF]
  • Evidence of a predictive coding hierarchy in the human brain listening to speech [Google Doc]
  • BrainBERT: Self-supervised representation learning for Intracranial Electrodes [PDF]
  • switch-GLAT: Multilingual Parallel Machine Translation Via Code-Switch Decoder [PDF]
  • Memorizing Transformers [PDF]
  • One Model, Multiple Tasks: Pathways for Natural Language Understanding [PDF]
  • CPT Colorful Prompt Tuning for Pre-trained Vision-Language Models [PPTX]
  • Contrastive Learning with Adversarial Perturbations for Conditional Text Generation [PDF]
  • Making Pre-trained Language Models Better Few-shot Learners [PDF]
  • Group-wise Contrastive Learning for Neural Dialogue Generation [PDF]
  • Heterogeneous Graph Transformer [PDF]
  • Plug and Play Language Model- A Simple Baseline for Controlled Language Generation [PDF]
  • Multimodal Abstractive Summarization for How2 Videos [PDF]
  • A Simple Theoretical Model of Importance for Summarization [PDF]
  • Text Generation from Knowledge Graphs with Graph Transformers [PDF]
  • The Curious Case of Neural Text Degeneration [PDF]
  • Episodic Memory in Lifelong Language Learning [PDF]
  • DialogueGCN-A Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Emotion Recognition in Conversation [PDF]
  • Commonsense for Generative Multi-Hop Question Answering Tasks [PDF]
  • Commonsense Knowledge Aware Conversation Generation with Graph Attention [PDF]
  • Deep Multitask Learning for Semantic Dependency Parsing [PDF]
  • Dynamically Fused Graph Network for Multi-hop Reasoning [PDF]
  • Emotional Chatting Machine Emotional Conversation Generation with Internal and External Memory [PDF]
  • Learning Neural Templates for Text Generation [PDF]
  • Learning to Ask Questions in Open-domain Conversational Systems with Typed Decoders [PDF]
  • Linguistic Knowledge and Transferability of Contextual Representations [PDF]
  • Multi-Domain Neural Machine Translation with Word-Level Domain Context Discrimination [PDF]
  • Semi-Supervised QA with Generative Domain-Adaptive Nets [PDF]


  • EMNLP19 Summarization [PDF]
  • Cross-Lingual Word Embedding [PDF]
  • Brief Intro to Summarization [PDF]
  • GAN in Text Generation [PDF]
  • EMNLP19 and NIPS19 Notes [PDF]
  • Boosting [PDF]
  • The Maximum Entropy Model [PDF]
  • HMM [PDF]
  • ConceptNet [PDF]